About Me & MAI Clothing

We design and make high quality kidswear with a conscience. Soft organic, unisex clothes to cherish, with beautiful hand-drawn animal prints… designed with love for both children and animals.

A percentage of each product goes towards protecting endangered species, and every piece comes with a story about the animal on the print – so it’s a great way to start educating children about looking after their planet.

“Mummy, are unicorns extinct?...”

That was my four year old daughter, after watching Sir David Attenborough. “No, don’t worry about unicorns”, I replied, “they’re in abundance!”. “But what about the endangered animals… can you save them?” was the tricky next question.

And that was my lightbulb moment.

In my daughter’s eyes, I could do anything. So, having recently been made redundant due to Covid, I set about thinking how I can do something positive for the world, and for my family.

My 14 years’ experience in the fashion industry had showed me the negative impact it can have on the environment (scary fact: it’s the second largest polluter after the oil industry).

So how about a fashion brand that actually gives something back? And one which helps children like my daughter understand the importance of looking after our planet?

With that, MAI was born.

Named after my daughter India-Mai, it also stands for ‘Making Animals Important’. Every piece we sell raises money for charity to protect at-risk creatures and their habitats. 5% of our profit goes to Fauna and Flora International to help endangered species – and we’ve also pledged to help WeForest restore damaged ecosystems by growing new trees (enough to fill a football pitch within our first few years!).

We practice what we preach, too. We’re 100% committed to ensuring our brand is both ethical and sustainable. From only working with Global Organic Textile Standard-approved suppliers, to using plastic-free packaging – we want to help create a better world for our little ones to inherit (as well as making them look super-cute right now!).