We’re working with two incredible charities, to help endangered animals and their habitats across the world.

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5% of our profit goes to Fauna & Flora International

As the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation, Fauna & Flora International has been safeguarding threatened species and ecosystems worldwide since 1903.

With Sir David Attenborough as Vice President, they’re looking to create a sustainable future for the whole planet. The charity works hard to protect precious animals like the endangered jaguar and northern white rhino – as well as the most-trafficked mammal in the world, the pangolin.

And we’re helping grow trees with WeForest

Working with WeForest we’re aiming to grow enough trees to fill a football pitch within our first two years of trading.

This is in support of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, restoring essential ecosystems so wildlife can continue to reproduce and thrive. Two decades ago, this area of forest was the size of the UK, but has since lost more than 80% of its original cover, mainly due to agricultural expansion. It’s considered one of the world’s most biodiversity hotspots – but is now one of the most threatened, too.